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  1. seanatsb

    seanatsb Well-Known Member

    Hi, I just received my brand new Fascinate in the mail. Before I activate it, I need to back up my old phone and what not. Before I get to do that, I want to play with my fascinate a little bit, like try to use its Wi-fi or add pics to the media card. However, the phone automatically goes to a screen saying, please dial to activate, and I cant get out of the screen without dialing or turning off the phone. Is there a way to by-pass this to play with my phone for a little before I actually call and activate it.

    any help is appreciated.
    thanks in advance.

  2. Moonfire

    Moonfire Well-Known Member

    I believe this page should be what you're looking for. Have fun!
  3. seanatsb

    seanatsb Well-Known Member

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