Unlocking with menu button.

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  1. GAZ082

    GAZ082 Member

    Hi guys. This is a copy of a thread shown in Milestone. Sadly, that forum does not have so much traffic as this one, so i'll give a try (please Admins, dont be pissed off!).


  2. rsdiol

    rsdiol New Member

    It works on my wife's HTC Eris but not on my Moto Droid.
  3. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    On Page 40 of the DROID's manual ... in the "Security" section, I can find no alternative method to unlock the screen. It states, "To unlock screen, press Power, or open the phone. Then, drag the lock icon to the right.".

    I believe that "alternate method" does NOT apply to the DROID.
  4. eastbruce

    eastbruce New Member

    I just got my Droid today and found it very unhandy to to unlock it with the power button also. Luckily, I found that simply opening the slider keyboard will do the trick too.
  5. vincentp

    vincentp Well-Known Member

    It's something that you get used to. It seemed awkward to me at first too, but it's really not that bad after you've had the phone for a while. I would like to have another option, but it's definitely not something that bothers me on a regular basis.
  6. GAZ082

    GAZ082 Member

    Well, in the milestone manual says can be unlocked with the menu butto, perhaps was dismissed in the last minute. Sad.
  7. Shead77

    Shead77 Member

    I for one wouldnt want this option. It seems if you could unlock it just by hitting menu button it would be more likely to unlock when its in my pocket.
  8. GAZ082

    GAZ082 Member

    The only way to activate a capacitive screen is with the naked hand. If you put your hands a lot in your pockets with no globes, you a right, but i dont :)

    I think this would be very very handy.

    Anyway, thank guys,
  9. Shead77

    Shead77 Member

    Well my screen works with the hand covered. i can activate my screen through my pocket as well as through a tshirt. This is why I have to make sure it is asleep before I clean it.
  10. rmomota

    rmomota Member

    I don't like the menu key to unlock the phone.
    I may do some accident calls just for having my phone inside the pocket.
    Other problem is if I want to quickly put it on silent mode when I have the slide patern mode feature active to unlock the phone.
    I wonder why I can't have just the slide right to unlock and the menu key would only be used for the menu context?

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