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  1. JamieLeeWV

    JamieLeeWV Member

    i've just ordered one of these from littlewoods and it states it is on o2. does this mean it is locked to the o2 network and i have to get it unlocked or will my t-mobile sim work in there?. as i understand that contract o2 handets come unlocked?, but not sure what type of the handsets littlewoods stock (the place i got it from)

    if it is locked it is not such a problem if i can get it unlocked, if i took it into my local town and asked a mobile unlocking shop would they be able to unlock it relatively easily?


  2. MiniDroid

    MiniDroid Well-Known Member

  3. ohm1973

    ohm1973 New Member

    Hi u should b ok. o2 phones arent blocked Pay&go or contract both open to any network so ur sim will work.. I was previously on o2 until I switched to network 3, o2 are the very few that dnt lock their phones :)

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