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  1. jimmycap11

    jimmycap11 New Member

    im new to this so please bare with me... I need help with my samsung galaxy s2 epic 4g model-sph-d710 sprint phone.. could anybody help me unlock my device???? any help would be awsom..thnx....

  2. KitsapAndroid

    KitsapAndroid Well-Known Member

    What exactly do you mean by unlocking? Like switching it to different network (ie; boost or virgin), or simply rooting your phone so that you can change a ROM? One is layed out and easy to find info on, the other is shady at best and cannot be discussed in the forums.
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  3. jimmycap11

    jimmycap11 New Member

    well my phone is rooted already but is there such thing as jailbreaking the device????? or unlocking???see phone for sale all the time and they say that ther unlocked...im confused,whats the diffrents??????? thnx,james......
  4. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender Moderator

    Rooting is the same thing as an iOS jailbreak, unlocking a phone is only for gsm phones that require a sim, cdma phones need to be flashed.

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  5. jimmycap11

    jimmycap11 New Member

    i need some help does anybodt knoe the dial tone server number for sprint in arizona??????? if any can you send it to my email at jimcapuchino@gmail.com....thnx much....

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