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  1. Lw00d

    Lw00d Well-Known Member

    I figured we should have an official wallpaper thread. Wallpaper size is 1440 x 1280. what are some of your wallpapers going to be?

    I'll start it off...


    Uploaded with

    i will upload more.

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  2. Lw00d

    Lw00d Well-Known Member

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  3. Rhystatic

    Rhystatic Well-Known Member

    Someone get one going for our Gnex's? Or is there a more universal one by size on the forums elsewhere?
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  4. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Well-Known Member

    Merged threads
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  5. xzero425x

    xzero425x Well-Known Member

    I usually use for a bunch of wallpapers on my pc. they dont have 1440x1280 what would be the best res to use for my Gnex?
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  6. BreckDroid

    BreckDroid Well-Known Member

    Is anyone feeling generous enough to make a University of Georgia wallpaper with a pure black background and old school Uga face in the center? It would be greatly appreciated.
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  7. foo

    foo Well-Known Member

    thought it was 1280x720 ?

    (if it is, here's one i like that i cropped to the above res)

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  8. Vaetix

    Vaetix Well-Known Member

    Streets of Chicago
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  9. nj02vette

    nj02vette Well-Known Member

    1280x720 is the visible screen resolution. But the wallpaper scrolls slightly each time you swipe to the sides.

    So the real resolution for a proper 1:1 wallpaper is 1440x1280. However, any size above that should be able to be cropped by the phone. Haven't tried it yet, though.
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  10. rexdog1888

    rexdog1888 Well-Known Member

    Let's post the wallpapers we're using.
    I'm just using one of the stock ones bit am looking for a better one.

    Sorry didn't look back very far b4 postin
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  11. DarbagDarbag

    DarbagDarbag Well-Known Member

    i pass thee torch to thy galaxy nexus wallpaper thread
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  12. cggorman

    cggorman Well-Known Member

    Android can scale most any reasonable sized image. I usually just do an image search on a topic or style with a size constraint of large or one of the smaller megapixel options.
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  13. Senator!

    Senator! Member

    Good idea for a thread!

    Post pics of the wallpapers, not the homescreens though....share the goodness!
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  14. foo

    foo Well-Known Member

    Ya, let's try to keep wallpapers only here, if possible :)
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  15. Accord281

    Accord281 Member

    1440x1280 is the proper width but it is too tall. I figured this out by making an image that size then setting the wallpaper. The cropper took some off the bottom. 1200 was still slightly too tall. I'm thinking 1180 should be just about the right height to grab the whole image. I ran out of time last night to try it though. But we should figure that out and then try to be consistent with image sizes.
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  16. Toonz

    Toonz Well-Known Member

    I have a bunch of pics that I took of my phone and would like to use them as my wallpaper. I can't figure out how to get them to the perfect size. Any help??
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  17. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Well-Known Member

    on xda some were saying 1440x1184 but the correct size is indeed 1440x1280. i have some loaded on my phone now and i'm able to select the entire picture.
    further evidence of this being the correct size...
    /data/system/wallpaper_info.xml says 1440x1280 :)

    edit: the 96 pixel diff is because of the software buttons. what this means is that the correct sized wallpaper at 1440x1280 is being cut off by the software buttons at 96 pixels. with this being said, to view an entire wallpaper without any being hidden by the software buttons, you'd need to crop an image to 1440x1184 and then add 96 blank pixels to the bottom. hope this makes sense.
  18. melantus

    melantus Well-Known Member

    Agreed I want know as well!
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  19. melantus

    melantus Well-Known Member

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  20. foo

    foo Well-Known Member

  21. Dubbin1

    Dubbin1 Well-Known Member

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  22. Accord281

    Accord281 Member

    Yeah that makes sense. Funny thing is, after reading this and trying it out, my cropper is acting differently now. If I use a 1440x1280, it allows me to select the whole thing. Oh well. Anyway, here is my contribution :)


    Here it is on my screen.

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  23. RazorSharp

    RazorSharp Well-Known Member

    Mods, could we get this thread stickied, perhaps?
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  24. Crayon

    Crayon Well-Known Member

    Stock wallpaper. It's the best i've seen out of all of these.
  25. Sergio526

    Sergio526 New Member

    In ICS on a 720x1280 screen with no hardware buttons (so HTC Rezound will have a bit of a wallpaper advantage after it updates) the bottom 96 pixels will be covered up by the softkeys. Likewise the top 50 pixels will be covered by the notification bar. The wallpaper is still there under these bars and only becomes visible when you dim the full screen clock (or at least until someone mods these bars to be transparent/semi-transparent).

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