Unordinary "No Service" Issue

  1. techuser1

    techuser1 New Member

    So recently I've gotten a Galaxy Nexus (Nexus 3) phone from my service provider.

    It's been going well until I was talking with someone over the phone and the conversation got cut off!

    I waited a few hours, but there was still no service. I went to Samsung Center and they told me that it would cost $35 to get a "diagnosis," and whatever fees following that will be on me, (i.e. if I need to replace the motherboard).

    So I got home to do more research before I was sure getting that diagnosis was my last resort. On my way home, my phone picked up service! I was ecstatic! But by the time I was about half way home, (it was a looong drive to the Samsung Center), my service cut off.

    The phone itself looks to be functioning on a stellar level. There was absolutely no water damage. I put my SIM card into an old Blackberry, and it got service; so the SIM card is no issue.

    I also downloaded SlimBean on my phone, but that was after it lost service.

    I am so lost, and I do not know what to do! Could it be the motherboard?

    Thank you in advance,

  2. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;) VIP Member

    Have you tried it with the stock rom? Or doing a fresh flash of stock rom?

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