Unpleasantness from Wall Street Journal

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    These stories exist because Sprint didn't rush out and buy more ... (IMO)

    They chose to invest in what they have...only time will tell if it works out.
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    Could Be. Hopefully as they shut down the iDen/Nextel network, they are able to seamlessly add that spectrum to the Sprint side of the network. Adding a second 5x5 LTE carrier will be great... Especially since it will be in the 800mhz band.
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    Sprint chose to go with LTE Advanced because this spec allows what is essentially "channel bonding" of their iden spectrum into their PCS spectrum.
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    To be fair, it's migratory birds that are nesting in their LTE towers preventing upgrade work from being completed. No word on bird species, but since many migratory birds enjoy some form of protection (even common ones), it doesn't surprise me that they'll have to wait for them to leave to finish. Wouldn't want the birds getting angry, now would we?
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    True story.. you should see some of the nests found in the towers that have been posted at S4GRU
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