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Unplug phone-bat charged-won't stay on

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  1. ko57

    ko57 Member

    My phone has the original battery, in good condition, have phone 1 year & 4 months.
    This is the Epic 4G slide, Gingerbread, non rooted.

    I noticed at work last night-forgot my charger at work, so used an extra one in the meantime the day before. The battery did die but was able to get it on the spare charger until I could get my original cord.

    I am noticing it will stay on unplugged if I shut off data or put it in airplane mode. I have the phone plugged in now, I also use one of those small fans you can get at W*lm*rt for abot 7-8 dollars, I lean my phone up against it as this solves the overheating issue this phone's battery/?processor seems to have.
    I have reset the profile/prl on the phone but it didnt help.

    Is there a way to reset somethong on this phone or ?? Any advice on this is appreciated, I haven't called CS yet, but if I can't get this resolved I'll have to go 35 miles to the nearest Sprint store. I don't think Radio Shack will make good on a phone swap even though I'm paying for insurance.

    There used to be a way to reset the prl/profile and then shut off the phone, restart the phone, turn on then off airplane mode? if I'm not mistaken.

    Any help very much appreciated, thanks

  2. ko57

    ko57 Member

    Noticing if I open Facebook app, I'm guessing when it tries to get connected online, the power shuts off. This is the only app that does this.

    I have Juice Defender Deluxe, checked my settings, seems ok, will disable JD-see if that makes a difference.
  3. nurse4him75

    nurse4him75 New Member

    Mine is doing a simliar pattern...how did u fix this?

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