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Unread Message Problem On Galaxy YSupport

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  1. ShaZta

    ShaZta New Member

    I have a problem on my galaxy y and it annoys me.I deleted a message theard and I have a new message but the message I receive is the message that I deleted earlier and when I open it the message was not in my inbox.What should I do?

  2. nithingmathew

    nithingmathew New Member

    I am also facing the same problem. Can someone suggest a solution for this?
  3. vonchi182

    vonchi182 Well-Known Member

    are u using the stock messaging app? or third party apps like go sms or handcent?
  4. nithingmathew

    nithingmathew New Member

    nop..im not using any such apps..think its a software issue
  5. joblessgit

    joblessgit New Member

    i'm having the same problem and i registered here to seek help for precisely this, someone please help us out. i tried doing everything including stopping the messaging app from app settings, restarting the phone several times, but nothing seems to help...
  6. babrak

    babrak New Member

    help me toooooo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    i received around 100 messages in a day, it was eid, and after deleting all of them have noticed this issue. although the message that it shows in notification bar as failed message cant be traced back as i have delted it.

    can some one help us all here
  7. AnonymousMembr

    AnonymousMembr New Member

    Restart your phone
  8. joblessgit

    joblessgit New Member

    hey guys, i found how to make that notification disappear. click the messages icon in the desktop of the phone and don't select any message, instead left click (swipe the button located on the left to the home button) and select "delete threads" and delete the whole thing, that would solve this issue.

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