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  1. jproxx

    jproxx Member

    So I was typing on my keyboard (landscape view) and noticed that the "Y" key didn't work. I though it was nothing, until I tried to exit out of my navigation app, but the exit button wouldn't work. So i downloaded a draw app to see it maybe it was just my screen, and what do you know, i was able to draw swiping up and down holding the phone upright. But when trying it side to side, a whole panel doesn't work. wth?

    Tried to reboot and nothing. Anyone else have this issue? Looks like its back to sprint this evo goes. Peep the pics.

    launcher pro
    better keyboard

    Could one of these cause this issue??


  2. jproxx

    jproxx Member

    fyi.. went to sprint. Couldnt figure it out, so they swapped it out for me. Gotta love the quick service.

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