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unrEVOked error: "am reported error starting service"

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  1. marker580

    marker580 Member

    So I picked up an HTC Aria yesterday, my first Android. Naturally, the first thing I want to do is root it.

    I found the instructions for rooting via unrevoked and followed them to the letter. Running unrevoked goes perfectly until the end, however, where I get this error:

    Internal error: am reported error starting service

    I looked around, but haven't found anything on this (besides this).

    Any ideas?

  2. baelinc

    baelinc New Member

    I am having the same problem. I followed all the instructions and when android restarts I get the internal error: am reporting error starting service as well.
  3. mpc05

    mpc05 New Member

    I am using Desire and having the same message in the unrevoke windows, any one know how to solve it? I have tried a few time but the same result.
  4. jabuzan

    jabuzan New Member

    I think this happened because I changed the default install location for apps to sd card. I suspect this causes the unrevoked service (called "zyspkloit") to be installed to SD. As the SD card is unavailable immediately after boot, the service is unable to start.

    The solution that worked for me:

    1. Set your default app install location to "phone"

    2. Use "manage applications" to uninstall "zyspkloit"

    3. Re-run unrevoked

  5. mpc05

    mpc05 New Member

    Wow. it's finally work. Thanks for your help :)
  6. marker580

    marker580 Member

    AWESOME. Thanks!

    Now I just need to find where to change the default install location...
  7. marker580

    marker580 Member

    Hmm, I'm not sure this fixed the problem for me.

    Seeing as how the Aria comes with 2.1 installed, I don't know how I could have set the default install location for apps to the SD card. There's nothing in the Settings to change it back either.

    Any other suggestions?
  8. marker580

    marker580 Member

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  9. carterzn

    carterzn Member

  10. Ogbassist182

    Ogbassist182 Well-Known Member

    I have this same problem using HTC Desire. I know its not the same phone but i thought it was appropriate. I am running 2.1 so I don't think I can change install location of apps. Maybe another version of Unrevoked? I am running 3.31 and i'm getting the: Internal errror: am reported error starting service. Anyone know anything else to try?
  11. tpbklake

    tpbklake Well-Known Member

    Try using Unrevoked 3.21. It seems that the current 3.31 has some issues with phones running Android 2.1
  12. tward09

    tward09 Member

    Does anyone have the mac version?
  13. marker580

    marker580 Member

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