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Unrevoked3 - Firmware too new?

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  1. dewils80

    dewils80 New Member

    Right, I've tried the latest Unrevoked3 on my wildfire with these different options: - latest HBOOT drivers from the site, - phone in "charge only" mode - Phone in "disk drive" mode - factory reset performed on phone - version 3.2.1 of Unrevoked and every single time I get to Unrevoked saying "Finding root" and then it says "Could not find root. Firmware too new?". I don't know what else to try!?!?!? Anybody got any ideas?

  2. ephbee

    ephbee Well-Known Member

    are you trying to root 2.2? it can't be done yet
  3. dewils80

    dewils80 New Member

    Ow nuts! Yes I am. Thanks for the reply, I guess I'll have to sit on Revoked's website pushing refresh until they update. ;)
  4. memobli

    memobli New Member

    you can root a 2.2 once you have the S switch turned of using an XTC clip
  5. ephbee

    ephbee Well-Known Member

    yes i'm well aware of that, but the question was about unrevoked not about overpriced hardware
  6. jjin

    jjin New Member

    anyone know when it will be possible to root the wildfire on 2.2 through unrevoked?:confused:
  7. mutanti

    mutanti Member

    would like to know as well
    I need to unlock the sim so can use a differnt provider
    Getting the Firmware to new error.. - Bugger
  8. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Unrevoked roots the phone. It doesn't unlock the phone so you can use other sims.
  9. mutanti

    mutanti Member

    Yes but once phone is unlocked differnt roms can be put in removing the lock...

    Have since paid an unlocking mob $25.99au for the code and its unlocked but would still like the phone completely unlocked eventually.
    Telstra wanted $100
  10. imme27

    imme27 New Member

  11. c@nnibal

    c@nnibal New Member

    wen do u guys expect unrevoked to root our 2.2 pain in ass wildfire
  12. th4evil

    th4evil Member

    i personally rooted myself with unrevoked.
    i did downgrade my firmware to 2.1 using ruus from Shipped ROMs
    its BUZZ

    then it worked... good luck
  13. saifsajid

    saifsajid New Member

    kindly tell in detail. thanks
  14. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Well-Known Member

    What he means is that once s-off (Secu-Flag - off) is achieved then you have access to potentially everything on your device, using an XTE-clip is alot of hassle,
    I just used tools i found on the internet and 1hr later i rooted my Wildfire, then when i rooted my friends it took like 10mins
  15. Chadzirra

    Chadzirra Member

  16. Liam_K

    Liam_K Member

    Cool...so you just put the file in the root of the sd card, reboot into HBOOT menu and hopefully the rest is history as regards downgrading?
    My phone is rooted, and S-Off, but damned it i can get it to install a custom recovery. Rooted through superoneclick, as i couldnt seem to get the beta key right on alpharev, and like that firmware too new for unrevoked. (superoneclick doesnt install recovery)
    So, re-root as such using unrevoked, after downgrading...ok, here goes...
  17. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Well-Known Member

    Seems like you had a problem after doing that, check my post on your thread

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