Unroot and get rid of superuser

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  1. snodge182

    snodge182 Member

    Hi, i used SuperOneClick to root my phone and it installed 'superuser', i've tried factory resetting my phone but superuser won't go? How can I unroot my phone AND get rid of superuser? I heard something about 'sbf' whatever that means but that was on a different phone. I don't care about resetting all data etc. My phone just make it definately clear is an xperia x10... thankyou.

  2. BingoRingo

    BingoRingo Well-Known Member

    If you repair your phone using PC Companion or SEUS it should erase everything (unroot, delete xRecovery if you have it, etc.).

    Of course it will delete everything you have on your phone (NOT on the SD card)
  3. eddietse91

    eddietse91 Well-Known Member

    As bingo said, PC Companion to repair your phone should get rid of every trace of root...

    I hope

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