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  1. sahilg009

    sahilg009 Active Member

    hey i am thinkking of rooting my galaxy mini
    but are a few questions
    1 will it still work will kies
    2 will i be able to install any future updates povided by samsung via kies
    3 Will i able be to unroot it and restore it back to normal

    Plz reply soon as I am thinking of doing it right now

  2. SreyashiG

    SreyashiG New Member

    1. Yes it will still work with kies

    2. perhaps yes but if you still depends on samsung, why did you rooted it in first place

    3. can be. search for superoneclick v1.7
  3. Sargun

    Sargun Active Member

    After rooting i successfully updated my firmware provided by samsung via kies,but updating unroots the phone you have to root again after updating firmware.
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