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    Feb 10, 2013
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    I bought an Andorid media player. It isin't very clear who made it. It has a kingzer case but cannot find the case or any info on it on their website. I want to be able to unroot it it came rooted. I want to be able to use my media applications like flixster which is one of the reasons I upgraded to an android media player from my old mkv sumvision enclosre media player. So I could use apps. Iv used an app called Android System Info to get my stats to best try get some help. I would post a picture of the box but I am a new user so cannot post images or links.

    Android version 4.0.4
    Release Codename: REL
    API LEVEL 15
    CPU ABI armeabi-v7a
    Manufacturer unknown
    Bootloader unknown
    CPU ABl2 armeabi
    Hardware: sun4i
    Radio unknown
    Board crane
    Brand softwinners
    Device: apollo-zhpubhost
    Display: apollo_zhpubhos-eng 4.0.4
    Fingerprint softwiners/apollo_zhpubhos-eng 4.0.4/IMM76D/20121210:eng/test-keys
    Host androidck-desktop
    ID IMM76D
    Model zhpubhost-A10-APOLLO
    Product apollo_zhpubhost
    Tags: test-keys
    Type: eng
    User androidck

    If I could get some help I would really appreciate it.


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