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Unrooted atrix extended battery calibration.

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  1. MattWantsCake

    MattWantsCake Member

    Hi everyone. Newbie to the forum here! Im looking for some help with my atrix, ive searched the threads but cant see what ithought need really. Ive bought a 3800mah extended battery for my atrix, the battery life is brilliant however the battery stats arent right. It runs from 100 to 1 percent in about 45mins then stays on for hours and keeps remindind me that the batteries running out and flashes the leds etc! . I know i need to calibrate the battery but i cant see anything that dosent require root access. I dont intend to root as ive done it before and bricked the phone so is there any way of/ or app for doing it?? Sould mention ive done the whole fully charge then fully discharge malarky a few times

  2. ZeroOne

    ZeroOne Guest

    Try this
    Calibration app
  3. MattWantsCake

    MattWantsCake Member

    Right well its loaded and dosent want root which is the first one ive found :D phones supposedly on 5% atm so will see how it goes. Thank you
  4. MattWantsCake

    MattWantsCake Member

    Hmm no joy im afraid.
  5. mailroomman

    mailroomman Well-Known Member

    Hi matt any more news on your calibration issue as im in the same boat and dont want to root.
    Im looking for ways to do it but nothing so far!

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