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  1. evoatrix

    evoatrix New Member

    hello.. well i unrooted my phone to be able to install the system update . no when ever i plug my phone in it wont stay turned off. if its off it turns right back on when i plug it in or if i plug it in and turn off it turns back on. i want to re root it but the superone click says the phone has to be turned off and plugged in in order to do so. wasnt sure where to ask the question but has anyone had this problem??

  2. beds

    beds Active Member

    If you accepted the update, you won't be able to root. The update closed the exploit used by SuperOneClick and they haven't come up with a new root method for the Atrix last I looked over at XDA. There was some talk about waiting until the April update that allows for the upload speed fix anyway, as every time they push an update to the phone they tend to close the exploit used in previous rooting methods. No reason to waste it if we know another update is already coming next month...
  3. islasian

    islasian Active Member

    That's not true about not being able to root your phone after this new update.

    Since the phone was unrooted before the update, there is no way to get root back, unless he SBF back to 1.2.6 retail sbf, then aroot your phone, don't do any other mods or unroot your phone, then follow the steps in the link below

    Here is all the info you need to get your root back after the update:

    [SCRIPT] Root for 4.1.57 (RELEASED!) (requires 4.1.26 rooted) - xda-developers

    You now have root again if you follow the steps correctly... good luck!
  4. ECdOc

    ECdOc Well-Known Member

    +1, It worked great for me also you can reinstall webtopmod if you follow the ADB version, the batch file doesnt work but manual does.
  5. beds

    beds Active Member

    Yes, you're right. But this isn't really rooting your phone after taking the update, this is undoing everything to go back to the begining and then using their script to KEEP root

    And the script works GREAT!

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