Unrooting and restoring to factory for an AT&T return

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  1. plarser48

    plarser48 Member

    Hi everyone. I'm returning my S2 to AT&T for the skyrocket. But I need to unroot and restore to fresh factory settings with no trace of root from AT&T.

    I planned on following the guide here:
    How to Unroot AT&T Galaxy S2! [SGH-i777] | Galaxy S2 Root

    Anyone know if that will do the job?

  2. mickey4mice

    mickey4mice Well-Known Member

    If you're still within 30-day window, you can return rooted device. The store reps don't check for that sort of thing, they just go through the package and charge you standard $35 restocking fee.

    Rooting avoids warranty, but you can return the device for whatever reason you want to ATT within 30 days.
  3. acp

    acp Well-Known Member

    I returned a rooted Captivate with no problem. Once you factory reset it's hard to notice unless you're looking for it.

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