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  1. rusland

    rusland New Member

    hi, i'm new here, and prity mutch to android too, and already screwed up...
    i have desire z, which i rooted (cyanogen wiki method) and flashed cyanogen 7 2.3
    now having problem with screen, so will try to send for warranty, and wanted unroot it using:
    theunlockr com/2010/12/01/how-to-unroot-the-t-mobile-g2-htc-vision

    now as newbe, i downloaded stock bootloader wrom the link, and done ewerithing as said, after reboot i found that it's t mobile rom, and also that:
    s -off,
    and in simlock:
    fat32 init ok
    open mccmnc file fail open
    cid file fail
    downloaded rom manager few times as when i click on it it says:
    you must root your phone for room manager to function. superuser was not found at "/system/bin/su"or"/system/xbin/su". use google to search instruction to root your phone.
    all comands in cmw coming with:
    an error ocured while attemptingto run previleged commands!

    originaly was runing:
    hbot 0.85.0005
    oct 11 2010

    also i have backup of orriginal rom on sd and few backups of cm7, but can't load it without cmw
    as when entering bootloader recovery i get red tiangle.

    is anyone hawe an idea what steps to take to get it back to stock and su off without bricking it..?

    found original rom at:
    shipped-roms com/index.php?category=android&model=Vision

    but how to load it? it comes as exe

    and how to S-OFF propper for warranty?

    and can you explain step by step as for noob


    p.s sorry for english grammar..

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Install the most recent version of HTC Sync, connect your handset to the PC via USB then try running the original ROM .exe that you downloaded. It should work as your device was originally running 1.34.405.5 and I think that it will overwrite the hboot too.

    If not you may just have to hope they don't query the S-OFF, as you'd need to go through the rooting procedure again in order to replace the eng-hboot with the original (if you can find a copy).

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