Unrooting/Wiping Droid X

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  1. ciclify

    ciclify New Member

    I rooted my Droid X last winter and I recently dropped it and cracked the screen (still usable, just annoying). I want to get rid of the root and theme and everything before sending it back to verizon. i tried following several guides on unrooting but i keep running into problems. I never made a nandroid backup and some guides say you NEED that to unroot. i can't find any update.zip file on my phone like some guides say there should be. i just want to wipe/reset the whole damn thing if possible.

  2. fatpomp

    fatpomp Well-Known Member

    Your best bet is to sbf back to stock. Here are a couple guides with different sbf methods to help you out. If you need more help just ask.


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