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unsprint my samsung gaaxy s 2Support

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  1. eto

    eto Well-Known Member

    ok, looking to remove sprint as THE carrier that I HAVE to use on my epic 4g,

    I've read somewhat, the all things root, and i need to do as follows?? Please correct me if my order of things is wrong, (this will be only my second time rooting, prior was my huawei ascend)

    1) i need to install something call samung keys/kies to my pc first?
    2) i need to run odin to be able to root my galaxy s2 and install cwm (10?)
    3) at that point what do i load to be able to install/acquire/activate a new service provider?

    jellybean ? what?

    apologies for being a noob and maybe not reading enough I just dont want to screw up this new galaxy because i misunderstood an instruction in all things root.

    I would like to be able to use boost on this phone.

    thanks eto

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  2. kevincott

    kevincott Well-Known Member Contributor

    1. You are being a bit vague as too your final destination. What service provider are you trying to switch to? Not every phone/provider is transferable, often times it breaks the terms of service.

    2. Your phone runs on CDMA/WiMax radios which eliminates many other networks; T-Mobile, AT&T and their partners run on GSM/LTE/UMTS/HSPA+. Sprint, Verizon, MetroPCS, US Cellular (Verizon, US Cellular and MetroPCS run LTE, no WiMax) and their partners run CDMA that I know of in USA.
  3. eto

    eto Well-Known Member

    I would like to run BoostMobile on the epic 4g. I understand they just started offering the Samsung Galaxy sII as possible phone in their lineup. Thats why I figured oif I can unroot the Sprint out of it I should be able to go to Boost no problem?

    thanks for reply
  4. kevincott

    kevincott Well-Known Member Contributor

    Yes, your Epic Touch will work on Boost if you change some hidden settings, I believe it breaks your terms of service though. Boost only wants Boost branded phones on their network (extra $).

    I haven't flashed Sprint>Boost but there are other threads, do a search in the Boost Mobile section. Boost Mobile - Android Forums
  5. eto

    eto Well-Known Member

    ok thanks kevin, i will still need odin and samsung kies though correct?

    are they here?

  6. eto

    eto Well-Known Member

    do you have a link for what you mention above did a search "flash sprint galaxy s2 to boost" and I i got was a confirmation that sprint has a hidden lock somewhere!

  7. cerj

    cerj Well-Known Member

    XDA has a lot of what your looking for, not sure but you may lose 4g. If thats not a problem lemme know and Ill search for a link for you
  8. esreveR

    esreveR Member

    I have same issue but with MetroPCS *228 works but wont activate. >.<

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