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  1. shantytownbrown

    shantytownbrown Well-Known Member

    can i get rid of facebook sync'ing, pics and especially birthdays...

    the phone did it one day automatically, I never wanted it to do this...

    I dont care about 90% of these folks birthdays, really...(i am kinda cold like that...)

  2. kegacide

    kegacide Well-Known Member

    you can at least take off the birthdays from the calendar by going to the menu and selecting calendars and unchecking the facebook one
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  3. shantytownbrown

    shantytownbrown Well-Known Member

    Found it..thanks...that'll do for now!
  4. shantytownbrown

    shantytownbrown Well-Known Member

    ok..but now, I have seem to have gotten a facebook contact into my "favorites" widget...It is NOT a favorite...

    how do i get it off..?

    damn FB has gotten annoying on this!

    and whats the difference between the two facebook apps on my EVO FB and "FB for HTC Sense"???

    which one is controlling my device?
  5. shantytownbrown

    shantytownbrown Well-Known Member

    ok so i think i finally figured this one out for myself, so i thought i'd post what i found...

    went to "accounts and sync"->facebook for htc sense and deleted this account...


    did a reset (is this hard or soft? i dont know the real difference) by powering off with the power toggle/menu/power off

    when i turned it back on...all links to FB...GONE!

    the "other" FB app still has my account and I can go in and read updates and see my friend list etc, but no one is linked to my address book or address "favorites"

    i am sure you all already knew this tho...right?
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  6. themandan

    themandan Member

    I didn't know this.

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