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  1. Necron80

    Necron80 Member

    I am going to apologize now for the noob type question. The last phone I owned was a nokia 5400.

    I am looking for a bit of info and/or a tut on how to remove apps with the rooted 2.1 for the Eris ( BTW thanks to all the dev's for their hard work).

    I have installed the rooted 2.1 with out a hitch. I have been looking around to find out how to uninstall a few of the apps (amazon, stocks, tweet) and found people that say to use SDK's ADB or terminal. I understand what the terminal is and the SDK that google offers is but not the ADB. I also understand that there is a chance to brick :eek: by removing the wrong things. So I don't want to just make a careless mistake. So if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be a great help.

    Thanks for the time.

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  2. GrdLock

    GrdLock Well-Known Member

    Go to a command prompt and type "adb shell"

    You should see a # sign, that's the root terminal on your phone.

    In order to remove apps, you need to remount your system folder on the phone with write permissions. To do this type "mount -o rw,remount /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system" (it won't say anything it will just go back to a # sign again)

    Now type "cd /system/app" and then "ls"

    That will list all the apk files, which are the applications.

    You can remove them by typing "rm -r Whatever.apk" (it's case sensitive)

    Amazon is amazonmp3.apk
    Twitter is HtcTwitter.apk and com.htc.TwitterWidget.apk
    Visual VM is VVMStub_v3.apk

    BE VERY CAREFUL doing this. Don't just go around deleting apps. Some may not be safe to delete as they are connected with other apps, etc. Those three I posted are safe to delete.
  3. Rrrracer

    Rrrracer Well-Known Member

    Hey Grdlock, have you deleted more than just those three? Any idea how much memory you have freed up?

    I have the leaked 2.1 on mine, the thought of root has me salivating LOL...
  4. GrdLock

    GrdLock Well-Known Member

    I've deleted a lot of stuff, changed a lot of stuff, bricked my phone a few times, reflashed it a few times. It's been fun. :)

    Never paid attention to how much memory deleting apps freed up though.
  5. Necron80

    Necron80 Member

    Thank You GrdLock that was what I was looking for.
  6. Rrrracer

    Rrrracer Well-Known Member

    Sounds like it (with a tinge of jealousy in my voice :D) So what have you found that should NOT be deleted?
  7. GrdLock

    GrdLock Well-Known Member

    Footprints shouldn't be deleted I do know that. Deleting apps you shouldn't most likely won't cause catastrophy, but might cause other apps with dependencies to crash, etc.

    Another no-no is trying to install the N1 live wallpapers. That sent my phone into an endless reboot cycle. :)
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  8. gnarlyc

    gnarlyc Member

    I've removed the three apps that GrdLock list earlier in the thread (AmazonMP3, VisualVM, and Twitter). So far, it's worked well. I've also copied VisualVM back ('adb pull' and 'adb push'), and it appears to work.

    I'm getting ready to test removing a few more that I will never use. It's good to know not to remove Footprints! That WAS next on my list.
  9. IzelTokatl

    IzelTokatl Well-Known Member

    Once everyone figures out whats not good to remove, we should put up a sticky thread stating: Removable apps, mandatory apps.

    :) wish I waited on the leak... now im standing on the sidelines to get root access

    have fun all!
  10. Scynthetic78

    Scynthetic78 Well-Known Member

    Out of curiosity, what happened when you removed footprints? Was it tied into another app? If so, which one?
  11. Ruh17

    Ruh17 Well-Known Member

    What I have read is that footprints is tied into the camera. Not sure what negative affects it would have if deleted tho.
  12. yELLOcAKE

    yELLOcAKE Member

    I've deleted Footprints and honestly nothing seems wrong.
    The camera still works fine and so does the camcorder.
    The only thing funny that happened was after I deleted it using the Terminal Emulator a HTC screen popped up and then it re-loaded my homescreen.
    I deleted it the first day the root came out and my phone is just fine. :)
  13. hallstevenson

    hallstevenson Well-Known Member

    Is it that crude ? No "installer" system like 'apt' ? That would be much better if Android had done it that way.... Doing "apt-get remove footprints.apk" would tell you

    app-x depends on footprints.apk
    app-y depends on footprints.apk

    so you know what packages depend on what other packages.
    That will throw people for a loop. Just wait !
  14. GrdLock

    GrdLock Well-Known Member

    I should have clarified. Many of the apps that are linked to other stuff may not cause any catastrophic failure and cause your phone to implode into a black hole. ;)

    We have found deleting footprints to cause issues with Navigation though.

    @hallstevenson: Android has a pseudo-installer. Not anything near what apt is though, so you don't get any dependency errors or anything.
  15. TheAtheistReverend

    TheAtheistReverend Anybody want a peanut? VIP Member

    Forgive me this probably stupid question, but I opened cmd from "run" in the start menu and typing "adb shell" gives me nothing but "adb is not recognized as an internal or external command..."
    is there another command prompt I should be opening? or maybe type adb shell under a different drive?
  16. gruss

    gruss Well-Known Member

    Don't work without some outside help in windows. See here:
    [HOW-TO] ADB for Dummies(How-To Learner's Guide) - xda-developers

    That was just a quick google of "sdk adb" but it should get ya going in the right direction. I think there are some threads around here explaining it as well.
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  17. TheAtheistReverend

    TheAtheistReverend Anybody want a peanut? VIP Member

    all I get is "rm: cannot remove 'VVMStub_v3.apk' : Read-only file system"
    and then
  18. fungalMonk

    fungalMonk Well-Known Member

    Sounds as if you didn't remount the filesystem first with the command above.
  19. Heliotropic

    Heliotropic Well-Known Member

    So is the option to install/run apps from the SD card being looked at? Has it been done before on android?
  20. gohamstergo

    gohamstergo Active Member

    for the safe apps to remove: can we also remove the .odex files of the same names? im assuming yes but just want to be sure
  21. screennamie

    screennamie Well-Known Member

    if I install a terminal emulator on my eris can i input these commands and get the same responses with out having to connect the phone to my computer?
  22. sc00bz

    sc00bz Well-Known Member

    Yes. It's what I do.
  23. kbeep

    kbeep Member

    so i'm curious as to what bloatware you could remove and still have the phone stable......i'm starring at the list of system apps right now just itchin to remove some.
  24. Necron80

    Necron80 Member

    When looking thought the list I see .odex
    as in Htc.Twitter.odex or Stocks.odex
    Can and or is it safe to remove these.
  25. magicelf

    magicelf Well-Known Member

    So getting rid of Stocks and Teeter is ok?

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