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unwanted Fb notification music-want it to stop.Support

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  1. Diana55

    Diana55 New Member

    Why am I getting songs played at the time a FB notice comes?

    I DO NOT WANT this-so how do I get rid of it?

    menu-FB-only brings up FB.
    Settings-FB-only brings up-uninstall-clear cache etc.
    Settings-sound-nothing particular to FB-
    HELP :mad:
    I have to open the phone-drop down the status bar and then open FB to get this thing to stop-VERY annoying!!! :eek:
    I'm not sure how this forum works-how will I get the answer to this?

  2. sinisin

    sinisin Active Member

    Quite frankly I would get rid of the stock facebook app and use Friendcaster from the market. It's everything the stock FB app should be. Far superior to the POS app they call FB on the Zio. Friendcaster from the Market. Way better then stock. Can do SO SO much more then you can on the stock app.

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