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    May 11, 2011
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    Hello, I hope there is still someone here that can answer this question; if not, I'll look around here to find the proper updated board.

    I like to ask if Dell has an over-the-air or manual update to 2.1. I heard India got the update to 2.1 and I like to know if it's here in the US.

    I know it's a crap phone and all but the price for it unlocked has gone down to around 60-70 bucks and this phone looks good enough for my dad to use for his business travels outside the US.

    Reason I'm wanting to know if it can update to 2.1 is because there's an app called Viber and it can only run on 2.0 or higher; I've been told that it should work well when he travels about.

    I hope to get a reply soon.

    EDIT: Well, the sale is gone :( But I still like to know.


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