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Update 1.17Tips

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  1. ajeet

    ajeet Active Member

    Just got this update.


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  2. greatsnoring

    greatsnoring Well-Known Member

    Which carrier are you with and where?
    Sorry just read those details to left of your post duuuh!
  3. Mitchturbo

    Mitchturbo Well-Known Member

    I got that the other day too.
    No problems I've encountered so far...
    Only time will tell though.
  4. ercm03

    ercm03 Member

    Have you noticed any mobile signal strength decrease since the update?

    I used to get 4-5 bars at home and now only see 2-3 occasionally dropping to 1. Also entering the test menu *#*#4636#*#* sometimes causes the mobile signal to drop completely and I'm prompted to re-enter my SIM PIN.
  5. Driftfog

    Driftfog Well-Known Member

    No update here on 02 but the signal has been poor the last few days where its normally good.
  6. ercm03

    ercm03 Member

    No there's definitely something wrong.

    There are 3 symptoms I've seen:

    1. Serious problem. The mobile network signal strength fluctuates and often drops completely. When switching cells (or coming out of airplane mode) the phone will display 5 bars then immediately drop down to 3. When using the phone (not for calls) particularily browsing over wifi the mobile signal will drop slowly to 2 then 1 and sometime no bars. Stopping wifi browsing causes the signal to return to 3 bars.
    Incoming voice calls seem to restore the signal to 5 bars and when the call is over it drops down again.

    I have 3 HTC phones all on the same network provider and only the HOX+ behaves like this and only since the OTA update.

    Although I'm quoting signal bars I'm also monitoring the signal using this app https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...android.telnet and see the signal drop from -85dBm to -107dBm.

    2. The phone will only sometimes only show G(prs) when my other HTC phones at the same location and on the same network show H(spda). In fact looking at the diagnsotic page shows they are all connected to the same LAC & CID.

    3. Minor problem. Entering *#*#4636#*#* to view the network signal level often causes the phone to lose the mobile signal completely (no bars and showing X) then phone will reconnect.

    I've tried a factory reset but that had no effect.

    Has anyone else seen anything similar?

    I'm guessing it's the change to the radio code (3.1204.167.31 to 3.1204.168.32) so I don't know how to downgrade back to 1.14.401.16.

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