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  1. irishmoe

    irishmoe New Member

    I tried downloading another update from AAP from another thread but my phone says "cannot download, the content is not supported by this phone"
    I've searched in vain for an update but no joy. Completely new to this phone. Only got it today from my sister in-law who works for acer. Should I just flash a custom rom and be done with the stock? It's got no warranty and my sis in-law told me I'm on my own if it gets fecked up so not worried about losing the warranty. I also noticed that theres nowhere I can manually check for updates on the phone which seems a bit weird. I can do that on my iconia.
    Sorry for all the questions but I got my tab working exactly the way I want it and was hoping to do the same with this and I think getting 2.2 is first and foremost.

  2. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

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