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    This tutorial is for installing Android ICS 4.0.3 based on CyanogenMod 9 The installation can be done in all the LG GT540 from any phone company.

    The newest version:Android ICS 4.0.3 CM9 - Beta 4

    ---What Works And What Does Not---

    At the moment the only thing not working is the camera, and native tethering. Everything else does work.


    10/January (Beta 4)
    + Display orange frame repaired.
    + Fixed problems with wifi.
    + New kernel
    + More battery saving.
    + More fluid and smooth animations.

    (Beta 3)
    + Fixed, downloading apps from market.
    + Fixed, bug browser.
    + Fixed, haptick feedback.
    + Installed, native ICS Music app.
    + Installed, Goggle native apps.
    + Gmail already works.
    + Fixed, time zones.
    + Better graphics.
    + Fixed, Gallery previews.

    ---About BackUp Before Install---

    >>Do not recommend backup apps because it will change into a completely different version, the better once you have installed Android ICS, download it from the market. .
    >>Just do a backup of your contacts (if you do not want to lose and re-enter manually), if you sync your contacts with your gmail or google account is not required to do backup because google is responsible for restoring your contacts list.
    >> Make a complete backup of your current rom, this is for if after the installation of Android ICS, you decide to return you to your previous version, restore the backup you just the way you left your previous rom. To make the backup, with the phone on, press the POWER button until appears to turn off menu, select REBOOT and then select RECOVERY, the phone will reboot into Recovery Menu (remember to use this menu is Volume Up = Up, Volume down = down Call Button = Select or Enter, Power Button = Back), select "backup and restore" and then "backup" and wait to the backup is completed, once completed, select "reboot system now" to restart the phone. (the backup is saved in sdcard in a folder called "clockwork", don't delete this folder if you decide someday return you to your previous version)

    ---Install Android ICS---
    Section 1: Only for those who have installed Android 1.6 or 2.1 versions. Section 2: Only for those who have installed Android versions 2.2.x, 2.3.x.

    Before any procedure, make sure you have good level of battery. And removed from your SD card folders that say Android, Android Secure, Data.

    Section 1

    1 - Go to the tutorial and have all of what follows, that is because at the end of the installation, installing the rom, but also install the Recovery that will be necessary to install Android ICS.
    tutorial link-
    [2/Nov/11] Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread (Swiftdroid) CM 7.1 For LG GT540 [New Method] - Android @ MoDaCo

    2. - Once the tutorial provided above, continues in Section 2.

    Section 2


    To start, download the Android ICS from the link above. Then copy the zip to the SD card (not extract the zip).

    A. - With the phone on, press the POWER button until it appears to turn off the menu, select REBOOT and then select RECOVERY, the phone will reboot into Recovery Menu.

    2. - Select "wipe data / factory reset" and hit "yes".

    3. - Select "wipe cache partition" and hit "yes".

    4. - Select "advanced" then "wipe Dalvik cache" and give "yes".

    5. - Select "install from sdcard zip" 'then "choose zip from sdcard" and find the zip file you downloaded and select it, finally give "yes".

    6. - Hold on to finish the installation, and a message appears that says "Install from sdcard complete."

    7. - Select "reboot system now" and restart the phone.

    8.-It Ice Cream Sandwich Android you have installed on your LG GT540.

    The screen shots are attached with post see down

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  2. shawn2012

    shawn2012 New Member

    Installed the AndroidICS403_Beta4_100112.zip. But the Settings>APPs does not work, which says "Unfortunately, Settings has stopped".

  3. Delsus

    Delsus Well-Known Member

    This has already been posted, and you are over complicating it, just download mike's zip and install from sd card, wipe data your done.

    Also mike does not permit reuploads, support the developer, he gets a little money for clicking his upload from ad.fly.
  4. sahib2340

    sahib2340 Active Member

    Its for newbies so i post update in expanded forum.Some people get brick their phone because of language,reading and important steps written in brief .so i just want to solve their problem.
    Yesterday i joined twitter and see on mikegapinski wall.there he had posted click of photograph via lg gt 540 and it works very well with review .can you know how he do it
  5. sahib2340

    sahib2340 Active Member

    Try using app 2 SD (Free From play store) Or try wiping dalvik cache
  6. trism11

    trism11 New Member

    Ive just updated from the old 2.3 to the newest preRC version, it works fine apart from the mobile data. I can make calls and receive texts, just not get the mobile data to work :( any suggestions would be appreciated :D
  7. vsx06

    vsx06 New Member

    After following this thread I'm stuck at LG startup logo. What should do?
    Repeating process doesn't help. Any ideas?

    Loaded IceCram Swift by miroslav, and it's all the same.
    By the way system partition is 234mb.
    Something is wrong cause got this problem with every newer rom, 2.3<=.

    And how much time i need to wait for Icecream to load after reboot?
    5-10-15 mins?
  8. manumadhavan

    manumadhavan New Member

    Hi All,

    I have installed 9.0.0-preRC-GT540-MikeGspinski and everything works fine..
    But I have noticed that when we make or receive a call, we will be unable to hear unless we switch on the speaker button.
    Any idea on this ?
  9. bharathdasari8

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    Hi all,

    Can anyone please post the steps in detail, with all the updated links for download. Because I have tried to install 2.3.7 with downloading the files from the link provided. After completing the installation procedure, my phone was showing "Download MOD".
    So can anyone post this in detail.

  10. shaq992

    shaq992 New Member

    I NEED HELP!!!!!

    I have cyanogenmod 7 and I tried lens lockscreen so now my phone is stuck in it but when I reboot into recovery it just shows a black screen with backlit on.

    any help please:confused:
  11. pmarcelino

    pmarcelino New Member

    I need help, please.. The camera dont work, show message ERROR.

    Thanks for the post... very good! other apps are normally working.

    Tks :D
  12. ankitnice

    ankitnice Active Member

    Camera not working on 4.0.3 i a known issue and I've been patiently waiting for a fix on that. Let's hope and wait for the camera to go functional again.
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  13. Any feedback on how to solve the camera issue? I really like what you've done here... Sweet!

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