Update Android 2.1 (Eclair) to 2.2 (Froyo) on your Samsung GT I5800

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  1. Amitprsingh

    Amitprsingh Member

    Here's an easy and in-depth way to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy I5800L, running 2.1 Eclair to Froyo 2.2. Sadly at this time Samsung hasn't officially made Froyo available for the I5800, but luckily we can do it ourselves!

    No rooting needed.

    What you will need:
    Get the ODIN & OPS file Here

    To backup your phone information if you encounter problems when doing this upgrade:
    KIES Software(comes with your phone). Or you can download it from Samsung's website here.
    (If you Encountered major problems and need to downgrade back to Eclair Here's how)

    Ensure your battery is fully charge.
    Now, factory reset your phone: *#*#7780#*#*
    Or go into Settings>Privacy>Factory Data Reset.

    Here's a helpful tip/step that most other tutorials don't tell you.
    Remove your SIM and SD(if you have one) card from the phone. This may save you some complications.
    It will avoid any hangups or stalls, like I've experienced, almost leaving me helpless.

    Right, now let's get to actually installing Froyo.

    First check your firmware *#1234#, write it down, store it on you computer, in case you need to restore later.

    Load up "ODIN Multi-Downloader" (I5800_Odin_Multi_Downloader_v4.252.exe). If you're on Win7, a popup "IMAGE PATH [chinese writing]" keeps opening. It's annoying, but it shouldn't do anything to your install. Just keep clicking OK.

    1. Select "One Package", "Auto Reboot", "Protect OPS" alone. (again Win7 users, ignore the annoying popup)

    2. Select the OPS file you downloaded. Click the "OPS" button. Select file "apollo_0531.ops".

    3. Now go to the bottom option "Select Integrate Package..." and select the 2.2 Froyo (.tar) file your downloaded. It should be one file.
    With the "One Package" button, select your .tar file.


    4. Here's the tricky part, that's not so tricky. Switch off your phone (hold the power button "Power OFF"). Remove the battery, so it doesn't boot up automatically. Then hold the "Home + Volume Up + Power" buttons simultaneously.
    Until the screen shows the android icon with probably the "Force Upload by Button Pressing" words.
    (If those combination buttons don't work, try "Volume Down" or "Volume Up + Down" instead).


    5. When the "Force Upload" screen appears, like the image above, connect your phone to the computer with the USB cable provided and let windows detect the drivers for the phone and install them automatically.

    6. Once the drivers are loaded, and the phone is detected by ODIN as shown, click start. The phone will load data from the ODIN application you supplied and reboot itself, until you see the Home Screen load successfully. It takes a while(5-8mins), but way shorter than say loading a Windows OS.
    Do not uplug the device until you see the Home Screen and have successfully unlocked the phone.

    If you phone hangs, or stalls, you should resort another 2.2 firmware, or downgrade.

    7. Enjoy your semi-new phone! It feels new and refreshing to have an updated firmware for your phone. Especially since it's free!

    Here are some Key new Features in Froyo
    • Colorful menu/settings interface.
    • You can Install apps to the SD CARD (most, not all).
    • And the ability to play FLASH content Natively (websites, flash native games, online videos etc.).
    • General Performance boost in processor, supposedly Better Battery life and Ram management.

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  2. tuckmein

    tuckmein New Member

    Tried it... But get stuck on samsung logo when odin reboots my phone (killed timer), any ideas ?
  3. penny69

    penny69 New Member

    i tried this but when i tried to choose the 2.2 froyo file i downloaded from this page, it show it as an rar file and also no matter what file i save it in, when i clicked on select integrate package it wouldnt show up. i could open another page and find it but its not there when i select integrate package . can you help please? i have a samsung galaxy I5800L uses eclair
  4. llemash

    llemash New Member

    Hi all,

    This to those who already applied this firmware I5800XXJPB for Europe.

    First day i got my phone, I straight upgrade to froyo 2.2, when I used this firmware I5800XXJPB, my phone stucked at the SAMSUNG screen after a while, so those who faced this, it's not compatible at all, when you try to restart, your phone will stuck at GT-I5800.

    So to play safe, firmware I5800XXJPF already tested in my phone and completely working. The method still the same and don't afraid of losing your phone if you once installed the I5800XXJPB firmware as if you use the same method again it will works, just change the "ONE PACKAGE" the rest is still the same.

    Hope this helps.

    Anyone have tried I5800XXJPM yet with apollo europe?
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  5. BlitzMX

    BlitzMX Member

    Works Perfectly, Thank you...
    Installed I5800XXJPF.
  6. BlitzMX

    BlitzMX Member

    My Wifi seems a little bit sluggish, it takes more time to find wifi networks, is it normal? What is the diference for the M version?

    Best regards all
  7. persian sphinx

    persian sphinx New Member

    your supposed to download the application "free unrar frog" off the internet and anrar it using the app. it will be automatically transformed into a .tar file which you can use to run the setup.
    i ran into a similar proble, took me an hour to work it out :)
  8. ritocs

    ritocs New Member

    Hello guys, do any of you have updated to froyo from I5800LVIJG7 ? I was wondering if it's possible to update to I5800XXJPF without any issues.

    Thanks a lot
  9. BlitzMX

    BlitzMX Member

    humm yes, two posts before i said yess. but wireless is sluguishe
  10. ritocs

    ritocs New Member

    Hey Tx Blitz, just wanted to know if it is safe to do it from I5800LVIJG7 as there are like trillions of versions; anyway, I'll do it this weekend and let you know about the wireless issue, regards...
  11. ritocs

    ritocs New Member

    Hi Blitz, upgraded from I5800LVIJG7 to I5800XWJPF using ODIN. No issues at all with wireless but still takes like 1 minute to get GPS lock... Is there any other known issues?
  12. BlitzMX

    BlitzMX Member

    I am going to try the B version to fix my wireless slugish bug.
  13. BlitzMX

    BlitzMX Member

  14. planetdroid

    planetdroid Member

    Hey guys, i noticed on some Androids that if you use software from other countries, it will change the 3G band. So if i download Europe software on my I5800, i think it will change the 3G settings to 900. Has anyone found this to be the case? It does it on the I9000.
  15. Zhalas

    Zhalas New Member

    i installed the jpf without problems but i have problems trying to conect to internet via 3g, if anyone could help me i will be very thankful
    PD: i'm from southamerica =D
  16. yaris03

    yaris03 New Member


    I download that program but is asking me for a password... What should I do in this case
  17. yaris03

    yaris03 New Member

    Sorry that was no the question, the question is.... After I change the file from rar to tar wich of the 4 options should I pick....
  18. Jasuuu

    Jasuuu New Member

    Why Odin says "please connect phones!" I have the newest kies?:mad:
  19. tuba71

    tuba71 New Member

  20. djrpm

    djrpm New Member

    for some reason it is asking me to supply a password for the rar file. What is it?
  21. djrpm

    djrpm New Member

    found the password it was samfirmware.com
  22. djrpm

    djrpm New Member

    mine has done the same, did you manage to fix it?
  23. ravieeevit

    ravieeevit New Member

    Amit plz help as which file to select from rar package as it has 4 files.
  24. ravieeevit

    ravieeevit New Member

    Thanks @Amitprsingh and @llemash for the information. I have successfully updated my android version. For all those with problems of rar file, extract it with the password of samfirmware.com and for file package select the largest file of name "I5800XXJPF-REV02-PDA-CL794643.tar", and one more thing, when the update completes then you have to press the home button if you follow the instructions closely.
  25. yaris03

    yaris03 New Member

    Is working wonderfull!... I have a question though... Is there a way to upgrade to 2.3???

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