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Addition of apps --> 2 highest voted will be chosen

Poll closed Nov 22, 2011.
  1. ADW launcher

    5 vote(s)
  2. Callmeter

    1 vote(s)
  3. Quadrant standartd

    1 vote(s)
  4. Easy Installer

    1 vote(s)
  5. Tubemate ( utube video downloder)

    2 vote(s)
  1. cool.gautam

    cool.gautam Well-Known Member

    HEY guyz i have added

    titanium backup
    google voice
    replaced stock launcher with adw launcher
    quadrant standard
    replaced music player with ttpod player
    Switkey keyboard
    replaced browser with dolphin HD

    and removed Micromax stock apps

    NEED HELP - CAN't FIND STOCK KEYBOARD APP CAN any1 tell me where it is located? AND any change or requst is welcomed.....any removal of app or addition plz comment.

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  2. samrox144

    samrox144 Disabled

    Remove titanium backup pro and add its free version... don't add cracked apps in Rom it may be deleted by moderator....
  3. ash1425

    ash1425 Well-Known Member

    Root Explorer-- I am big fan of it
  4. cool.gautam

    cool.gautam Well-Known Member

    I haven't added it bro....
    i am just having a vote neither i have uploaded it
    i am creating asevmaxx v3.2.1 and i haven't uploaded it yet .

    HENCE , i haven't posted any cracked app

    @ ash - i ll add it
  5. ashwa

    ashwa Well-Known Member

    my task bar has 1 percent increase battery wt original battery icon if u can add this tweak
  6. kitwalker

    kitwalker Well-Known Member

    add sms and contacts backup applciation
    text message application -- for sending contacts via sms
    barcode scanner
    cool reader etc..
  7. monu92

    monu92 Well-Known Member

    touchwiz launcher
  8. ams04

    ams04 Well-Known Member

    1) Youlu adress book... Msg+ contacts(must)

    2) Go launcher ex
  9. ams04

    ams04 Well-Known Member

    3) quickpic
    4)fast reboot
  10. cool.gautam

    cool.gautam Well-Known Member

    I'll consider all these apps......!!! will select some and build u all a BOMB
  11. carlzxv

    carlzxv Member

    Hey bro can u plzzz plzzzz include gmail it's like very important app for me
    Plzz see to it if u can
    thanx :)
  12. ams04

    ams04 Well-Known Member

    Can we recive and end call with our useless(trackball like key) button coz I amhaving trouble ending call(I have to press power key 2-3 times)
  13. ash1425

    ash1425 Well-Known Member

    Should be possible... if its an apk thing.... but if its in kernel or rom we will need sources
  14. carlzxv

    carlzxv Member

    Thanx for adding gmail :)
  15. cool.gautam

    cool.gautam Well-Known Member

    U can always hit thanks button :) anyways ur welcome...

    did any1 find out stock's keyboard?
  16. Eluviet

    Eluviet Well-Known Member

    Why ADW Launcher? Isnt LP lighter and faster?
  17. monu92

    monu92 Well-Known Member

    if someone using link2sd and he wants to restore its backup how he can do so by using app2sd
  18. monu92

    monu92 Well-Known Member

    have u ever tried touchwiz launcher.. u will. feel it is the best among all
  19. carlzxv

    carlzxv Member

    U can also include Google maps I am saying this bkz it is a very useful app and we have to download it as micromax a60 has preinstalled n i that's up to u but plzzz do not remove gmail

    Hit thanks if I helped :)
  20. cool.gautam

    cool.gautam Well-Known Member

    For restoring titanium backup is there

    Google maps consume much of ram

    And I feel adw as best personal review no dissappoinyment
  21. akshaybz

    akshaybz Well-Known Member

    Add the super charger V6 script ;)

    Also, go launcher and lp are better
  22. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    Include uc browser 8.
    its superb browser than boat,opera,dolphin, stock, skyfire etc.
    Don't include it just. first test it, experience it.
    Its features are: new powerful u3 kernel, very very very very powerful download manager with multithreading(very much better than turbo download manager)
    , data saver, auto updater to new version, many user agents including:iPhone, Android mobile, chrome.
    PC view and mobile view, flash pluginand much more.
    An all in one internet solution.
    Coming soon in the update: inbuilt torrent, ftp, website grabber to browse whole website offline and much more.
    I use it since I got this phone.
    Its simply superb
  23. ams04

    ams04 Well-Known Member

    Ya I was using uc7 and not fully satisfied but uc8 is above all

    Uc is all time famous for its download maneger(I was using it on my symbain)
  24. samrox144

    samrox144 Disabled

    I. Don't like uc because of security.. issue whenever I use Facebook.. my account is blocked because uc server is in China..
  25. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    Try uc 8.
    It doesn't have that issue.

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