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Update failed?General

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  1. Perfekt

    Perfekt New Member

    Okay, so.. I got bored while sittin' in the ER with my fiancee and decided to update the phone.. Thinkin' it was a mistake, as after it finished, the phone turned on and directly after the Kyocera screen, I get a white triangle with a yellow exclamation point above the green android on the screen..

    Pressing any of the buttons does nothing. I've tried toying with the ADB stuff, as from what I read, the Echo doesn't have a default recovery. Figured maybe I could add Clockwork Recovery or something and fix it that way, but it always says "Device not listed" or something of that nature.

    Anyways. Anybody know what the problem could be or a way to fix it? Thanks!

  2. Perfekt

    Perfekt New Member

    Nevermind. I used ClockworkMod to restore a backup that I downloaded off the net. Works fine, now.

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