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  1. Felim_Doyle

    Felim_Doyle Member

    Is there a guide or tutorial available for downloading firmware to and updating it from a MicroSD card? Kies says that there is an update available for my Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 which is on the Three UK network but I would like to perform the update from a memory card rather than via the USB port as I have been finding Kies unreliable even for backup operations and I don't want to risk it failing during the update.

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  2. Felim_Doyle

    Felim_Doyle Member

    So, is there a guide or tutorial available for downloading and updating firmware using ODIN? I want to apply the update via the startup / recovery utility.
  3. Powie21

    Powie21 Active Member

    If you don't like Kies why don't you just OTA update from your phone?
    Setting > About Phone > Software Update > Update.
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  4. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    Updating from an sd card is not possible, but you can use Odin and update via a computer, it also involves a usb cable but its not unreliable like kies.
    Use the section C of this tutorial, it will tell you how to update the firmware using Odin, you will get all the needed files at sammobile.com.

    Make sure to download the correct firmware and ops file. Firmwares are sorted according to region and carrier, and ops files are sorted according to phone models, if you use an incorrect file then that could cause problems.
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  5. Powie21

    Powie21 Active Member

    To save you even looking on sammobile.com the official 3 firmware is not available on the site.
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  6. VikAceB

    VikAceB New Member

    yep I think so ... look on google

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