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  1. eop

    eop New Member

    hi. yesterday i rooted my hero to be able to run link2sd. that worked without problems. after that i went to menu-setting-about phone and firmware upgrade. after it upgraded i cant start my phone, it stops at "hero". i've trid home+back+onbutton. i've removed sd card and sim card. if i start hboot it says S=on. can i get security off without having to start the phone?

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    See this thread. Note the correct name required for the update file as confirmed by Xyro.... HEROIMG.ZIP.

    You can only get S-OFF on the Hero by flashing an engineering bootloader, and it's not something that's recommended due to the risk of a "bricking" if the flash goes wrong.

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