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    JROMAG New Member

    Where can I get the download for 2.1, and how would I install it....this old swabby needs help, appreciate any info...thanks a bunch...John,usn,retired

  2. cope

    cope Member

  3. Medicine Man

    Medicine Man Member

    If you need to download the Android update (to update your Android 1.6 to Android 2.1), go to this webpage:

    clair Software - Support ~ Garmin-Asus

    It has a link for the update, and a link to installation instructions.

    I think that you will be VERY PLEASED after you install the update. Let us know how it goes for you!
  4. patagonia

    patagonia New Member

    i had a probl. when i'am going to update, it says not enough space to perform it. what i'am gone a do now? help please!
  5. Medicine Man

    Medicine Man Member


    The Eclair update is approximately 308 MB in size. You may have to delete some files from the internal memory. To my knowledge, the Eclair update must be downloaded to a file folder that you create in the Garminfone's internal storage, NOT the apps storage area, which you name 'Update'.

    Once it is downloaded, it will automatically extract itself and run. DO NOT DISCONNECT the Garminfone during this process; it will reboot several times during the update process.

    With no other files uploaded to the internal memory, the Garminfone has at least 1.58 GB of internal storage.
  6. patagonia

    patagonia New Member

    Medicine Man, first of all thanks for your replay!
    In the very begging i reset the phone to the factory settings and then I did all the staff as it says here:
    https://buy.garmin.com/support/searchSupport/case.faces?caseId={79353870-fd56-11df-c4e0-000000000000} [/COLOR]
    exactly as it says, a lot of times. I even put away all the other folders except the garmin one in order to gain space but i got the same message " not enough internal space to perform the update". i can't understand whats the probl here. Any idea what to try next?
    I would like to see youtube videos or video calls on skype :(
    Thanks in advance!
  7. Medicine Man

    Medicine Man Member


    If you go to this website:

    clair Software - Support ~ Garmin-Asus

    you will see links for the Eclair (Android 2.2) update download AND installation instructions.

    I updated my dad's Garminfone using the above website, and it went flawlessly.

    If you connect your Garminfone to a PC running Windows or Linux, or a Mac, the phone's storage will show up as a USB drive. You can then delete extra unnecessary files from there.

    As to watching youtube videos, the Garminfone's browser will display them natively.

    Video calls on Skype are another matter. The Garminfone only has that back-facing 3 MP camera, but I think that you can still use it for both Skype audio and video calls, though I haven't yet used the mobile version of Skype, so I don't know what the hardware requirements are.

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