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Update for XT860 Bell CanadaGeneral

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  1. alanfischer85

    alanfischer85 Member

    Hi Folks,

    My phone is unlocked and it received the update OTA with no problem.

    I am at 5.2.476.en.CA now and 2.3.6 =)

  2. Twitch_City

    Twitch_City Member

    Thanks for posting! Quick question: Is your phone rooted as well?

    I got the notification saying that the update is available but wanted to double check it is safe to install on a rooted + unlocked device.
  3. Bob_760

    Bob_760 New Member

    Mine is unlocked and rooted, the update failed at first but it was because I'd uninstalled alot of bloatware using titanium backup. Once I installed the default apps it updated no problem. I lost root but have since re-rooted it.
  4. tux2

    tux2 New Member

    @Bob: Which method did you use to re-root your XT860? I tried the adb method, bus that didn't work for me.
  5. tux2

    tux2 New Member

    Update: Found that rooting using a method based on tooling made by ZergRush still works on a XT860 with Android 2.3.6.
  6. Twitch_City

    Twitch_City Member

    So, the general consensus is that the update does not affect unlocking, but removes root.

    Does this method of rooting still work afterward?
    Pete's Motorola Root Tools

    Or is there another tutorial I should follow?

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