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update from 1.6 to 2.1 HELPGeneral

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  1. juuki

    juuki Member

    i search this forum and didnt found any help in installing android 2.1
    i known its easy just instal pc companion, connect phone and follow steps but i am going to buy new x10 mini pro and i need some suggestion what to do first.
    i wont to delite timescape from this instructions Guide to removing Timescape and other apps from your X10 | Xperia X10 Blog and install laucherpro. so do i need to do this after updating to android 2.1 or beafore. i also read that if androin market is not installed on 1.6 after updating is not possible to install it also its not possible to get root access in this way Boost your Xperia X10 performance ? JIT installation guide | Xperia X10 Blog.
    and is there any other problems that cant be resolved after updating to android 2.1. thanks a lot

  2. craterib

    craterib New Member


    When you upgrade your ROM from 1.6 to 2.1, all the native SonyEricsson apps will come back again. The native android apps like the market will also come back. Its just like a new phone purchased from a shop. So you will have to root, jit enable etc... after you flash.

    Hope I helped.
  3. juuki

    juuki Member

    it come with android 2.1 alredy installed. thanks

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