Update from 1.6 to 2.1 using wifiSupport

  1. GrimmCanRage

    GrimmCanRage New Member

    hi all

    im after updateing my x10i to 2.1 (for multitouch functionality mainly)
    but i cant use a usb connection to do it (usb ports gone on it... no charge and no pc connection)

    so i was hoping i can do it over wifi by either downloading to update straight to my phone and running it or somehow using the software to wirelessly connect to my phone..

    i havre looked for days for any info on this and havnt found any... all i see is wifi problems after updating..

    cheers for any info regarding this

  2. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    You need a computer running Windows and you need working USB ports in order to upgrade. I have heard of no other way to do it.
  3. GrimmCanRage

    GrimmCanRage New Member

    ok cheers for the info

    have been meaning to get it fixed coz charging it ups a pain at the moment..

    looks like il have to make do till i get it fixed..

    cheers for info
  4. chenga

    chenga Active Member

    If you want, you can install a custom rom without plugging in your phone. All you need is to be able to transfer files to your SD card from your computer.

    MIUI rom is very good and has multitouch as well.

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