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Update Galaxy Y s5360 Via Odin with one .tar.md5 fileSupport

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  1. arindam4u

    arindam4u Member

    Hello all,
    I have successfully upgraded my Samsung Galaxy Y s5360 with previous firmware version few days ago.
    That update was contains multiple .tar files. I have just loaded every tar file in separate Odin buttons and started the flash and it completed with success.

    Now a new firmware version is available. But this upgraded version S5360DDKL2 contains only two files one is in .tar.md5 and another one in .dll
    So, I am confused.
    I have tried loading the .md5 file in PDA button, but returned a Failure.
    Please somebody help me to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy Y.

    Please don't ask me to update it by KIES cause it takes 5 hours with no success and I really don't like the god damned KIES! It sucks!


  2. termagazis

    termagazis Active Member

    we all have the same problem!there is no way untill now to flash one file firmware!!!
  3. arindam4u

    arindam4u Member

    OMG!! It is very bad! I wish Samsung understand our problem and give their firmwares for offline downloading...
  4. teja989

    teja989 Active Member

  5. vivek201

    vivek201 New Member

    i have 2 ideas for it..

    try rename the file. i.e. remove the md5 extension...

    another is..

    download peazip software (freeware)
    download 7-zip (freeware)
    untar the new tar.md5 file using 7-zip
    you will see all rom files..

    now go to the folder which contains old rom tar file..
    open tar files one by one using peazip software..
    click add button in peazip software..
    add the newly extracted files from newly downloaded rom..
    old file will be replaced but tar files will be intact..
    after the replacing files job is done..
    flash new ROM..
  6. manoranjan2050

    manoranjan2050 Well-Known Member

    Dear friend very nice trick/idea but u try it or not ??? and its working or not ??
  7. arindam4u

    arindam4u Member

    Tried with 7zip, but error in extracting...! Also rename technique not working.
  8. Samsung Galaxy Y phones are NOT capable of running a version higher then Gingerbread:
    Your phone has: CPU: 832.0 GHz
    RAM: 296.408 MB
    ROM: 221.0 MB
    Ice Cream Sandwich minimum requirements: CPU TEST: 104%
    RAM TEST: 74.102%
    ROM TEST: 44.2%
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2014

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