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Update Huawei Ideos S7 Tablet?General

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  1. codyjoe2450

    codyjoe2450 New Member

    I just got the Huawei Ideos S7 tablet but my issue is that it runs on Android 2.1 which doesn't allow me to use Flash 10 on the tablet. Is there anyway to update to Android 2.2?

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  2. Menu-settings-updates, if there is one available. Or visit their website.
  3. Kevmueller

    Kevmueller Well-Known Member

    No there is not a way to update to 2.2 yet on the S7. There are rumors that a 2.2 version coming out from Huawei in March, but there is no conformation of this, just a bunch of leaks saying yes it is and a bunch of leaks saying no it won't.

    The good news is there are developers working on a custom ROM for the S7 that will be 2.2. It is still a newer device so the development is slow as they try and figure it out. Some have figured out a way to get apps to the internal SD card, no app for it, just a bunch of pasting code to get it to work, but it does work.
  4. Thorntonberrie

    Thorntonberrie New Member

    Since there is no update any suggestions on a flash player?
  5. Thorntonberrie

    Thorntonberrie New Member

    I recently got the skyfire web browser and it solved my video problems. Info for anyone else with the same problem.
  6. dkharpuri

    dkharpuri New Member

    there is a website but i cannot post here :) [GUIDE]All Huawei new&old phones-Install Stock Rom-Full Reset - xda-developers[/url]
  7. Catchit

    Catchit Member

    :)Just go to Huawei.com and download Android 2.2 for 8800!:cool:
  8. Catchit

    Catchit Member

    Huawei Ideos S7 was delivered from Huawei from factory with Android 2.2!!

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