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Update ICS on my build no. U8815V100R001C185B894Support

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  1. olve

    olve Member

    Hi everyone!
    I'm new to Android, and new to this forum as well. All my previous smart phone experiences have been with Apple products, but I recently made the switch to Android and the Huawei G300. So far I'm loving it, I was never really a fan of the 'closed' business model that Apple offers.

    There is one thing bothering me, however. When I bought the phone, I was under the impression that Android 4.0 was available for the G300. When I got the phone, however, it turns out that I can't update it through the phone's update feature, and when I downloaded the official Huawei release for the G300, it turned out that it did not support my build (U8815V100R001C185B894)

    I contacted Huawei, and this is the reply they gave me:

    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for contacting Huawei device.
    You can try to reset the factory data after backup your data.
    If it also have the same problem , please send your device to local Huawei service center to check.

    This was hardly a satisfying answer. Since all information from Huawei states that Android 4.0 is not available for my build, I don't think that resetting my device will help.

    My question is this: does anybody know when the update will be ready for my build number, and is there any way I can update my phone without breaking my warranty?

    Any help is greatly appreciated, sorry for the length of my post, did not initially set out to write a novel, but it seems I am not that far away from having accomplished that.

  2. psionandy

    psionandy VIP Member VIP Member

    the release has been pushed through the OTA mechanism.. however it depends where in the world you are as to if you can get it that way.
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  3. olve

    olve Member

    Thank you, psionandy! So, does that mean that I can't update it without losing my warranty? Is rooting the only option?
  4. psionandy

    psionandy VIP Member VIP Member

    To answer your first question.. I don't know as i'm not a lawyer, and even then the answer probably depends on where you are in the world....

    To be honest the official ICS update was really disappointing. Its slower, with less memory than your current build and the official Huawei position is to downgrade and wait until they do a better job. This may not be completely their fault as vodafone (who sell a lot of them world wide) may also be involved in testing, specs and sign offs....

    So your options would probably be, to stay put, or move to an unofficial custom rom. Modaco.com is a good place to start, and there are some really useful sticky threads as to how to do this. 'The explain like you're 5 years old" one being a fantastic starting place.

    I've just gone from the official ICS update, to the new cyanogen9 firmware and am blown away by how much better it is.. although to be fair it is still a work in progress and there are a few niggles to be worked out.
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  5. olve

    olve Member

    Thanks again for answering!
    So the official release is rubbish? I thought that was supposed to be the holy grail in g300-terms.. Do you know if there are any custom roms stable enough to try? I don't want the hassle of installing something that just 'sort of' works. That being said, my current version has some minor bugs too. Sometimes when viewing web-pages, the screen becomes all scrambled and weird when I flip the phone over to landscape, and the only solution is to flip it back.

    Anyway, thank you very much for your replies! :)
  6. psionandy

    psionandy VIP Member VIP Member

    There isn't a perfect ICS at the moment.. although there are some that are a lot better than the default (which is pretty, and quick, until you actually want to run some software, then it falls down)

    Modaco.com seems to be the best forum for the G300, and there's a collection of roms overthere.

    Infusion based on the official firmware, but with some tweaks, bug fixes and enhancements, is one of the big hitters. But doesn't have 3D hardware acceleration..

    CM9 is based on the Cynaogen firmware, and this does have blazingly fast firmware, but ocasionally freezes when turning wifi on, and it doesn't have decent video playback.. you can work around this for local files by using MX player (from the play store) but iPlayer won't work on it for example.

    After 3 days of running cm9, i'm really impressed and haven't hit any show-stoppers, or major slowdowns...

    Have a look over there, and when you're ready (or considering how to go), have a look at the 'explained like you're five' sticky thread...
  7. Salt The Fries

    Salt The Fries New Member

    Hello, I just registered to help you! I have EXACTLY the same phone's build. Try these steps and it will work, it also doesn't lock anything as far as your operator is concerned:

    just put /dload1/update.app on the SDcard as /dload/update.app and do it normally by accessing memory options and selecting update from sd card... you could also start phone with both volume buttons and the on/off button pressed simultaneously...works both ways...

    Since this forum has rules that I can't include the link in my very first post, I'll post another one shortly after and I hope moderators can then merge them...
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  8. Salt The Fries

    Salt The Fries New Member

  9. olve

    olve Member

    Thanks for the link! I am a bit sceptical, since I do not know you and the site you are linking to. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I am not sure I feel comfortable installing from a site I am unsure of unless someone else can vouch for the file.

    If it turns out to be a good file, on the other hand, you have my most sincere thanks! :)
  10. olve

    olve Member

    Sorry, I saw now that it was from a phone network's site. Will test it out! :)
  11. Salt The Fries

    Salt The Fries New Member

    Yes, it's a Spanish phone operator and I obtained this information from modaco forums. I'm not a spammer type. I'm sure it will help you. The only downside is that you'll see YOIGO's logo everytime you power on your phone before Android loads up.
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  12. olve

    olve Member

    Thank you so much! It works like a charm! No clear downsides yet, besides the fact that it sometimes is a bit more sluggish than the old version. The audio levels, on the other hand, are much better, I had to turn my car-stereo up to max to listen to music from my phone when I had the old version. I hope you can understand that I was a bit sceptical, seeing as you were a new user and all, but it seems I had no reason to not trust you! :)
  13. olve

    olve Member

    Sorry about dragging this thread up again a month later, but I was thinking about switching to stock+ mod. Do i have to roll back to original rom first, or can i install from the one I am currently using?

    Any answers are appreciated! :)
  14. psionandy

    psionandy VIP Member VIP Member

  15. olve

    olve Member

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