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  1. thadinator

    thadinator New Member

    I have a generic netbook, and I mean really generic. There is no branding on the device, its packaging or manual, and in the settings the brand given is 'generic.' This means I have no way to get official updates.

    My netbook has firmware version 1.6, kernel 2.6 and "Build number" 1.9, which my googling tells me is common among chinese knockoff netbooks, and just means its modified 1.6. Anyway, iirc, one can update 1.6 to 2.1 in one update. This device is also sold with windows mobile, so I think it can handle the update.
    With all that said, can someone plese help me manually update this things?

  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Sorry, I've googled and googled and I can't find any way of updating or any meaningful mention of generic netbook.

    Does it have Windows mobile on there at the moment (as well as Android)? There's a tool called Speccy by Piriform that gives in depth information about H/W etc.
  3. jiggabyte

    jiggabyte Member

    I've been tempted before by chinese knockoff android devices. The main problem with devices from that area is they use a rockchip processor in almost everything. Apparently different rockchip processors have a maximum android version they can support, most commonly 2.1. I think usually whatever came installed was the newest version it could run. It didn't make much sense to me as I thought, besides architecture, a processor was a processor; but everything I've read all confirms a max os version. I imagine it isn't windows mobile that's installed but instead windows ce, and typically those dual boot devices run the older 600mhz rockchip that maxes at android 1.6, I'm almost positive if the device was between $50 to $150.
  4. amarilis69

    amarilis69 New Member

    Hello I have a model generic, version firmware 1.6, version Kernel 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty, wmt 2.0.1_105 and I want to update it to another more recent.

    It is from China, I live in Mexico. Is it possible to update it? or it is ok this version?

    Thanks for your help.

  5. jiggabyte

    jiggabyte Member

    Probably can't update it. You could try compiling android from the aosp and seeing if it will run. Wouldn't recommend it if you don't have a backup to reinstall if something gets screwed up. Unless there's something specific you needed from a later version of android you'd be fine sticking with what you have for a netbook. Even 1.6 has apps for note taking, has a basic web browser, and can send emails; all things a netbook is made for.

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