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[Update]PhoenixOS v1.1.1 Deodexed iso 32bit w/Arrow Mod

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    Apr 30, 2016
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    What's PhoenixOS you ask?
    Phoenix OS, much like Remix OS is designed to run on x86/x64 tablets or larger screen devices with features often found only within desktop OS’s. These features include a comprehensive start menu, fully resizable multi-window support and keyboard shortcut functionality. Phoenix OS provides the desktop UI functionality, with the benefit of access to the vast array of games and applications available to the Android operating system..


    Hot off the press
    Phoenix OS v1.1.0 Bootable .iso
    Modified Pointer Arrow and many extras included. Adaway, Terminal Emulator, SuperSU, JMusic, and more surprises. This is pre-rooted with SuperSU. Do not enable root in Developers Options.
    Installation Guide and Rufus Installer now come in a separate download.
    Thanks to the PhoenixOS Team

    PhoenixOS-v1.1.1-32bit-deodexed-SE-iso.zip :


    AndroidX86 Install Guide+Installer.zip:

    More Pointer Arrow Mods Here: Here

    Do not click this button:

    If you are looking for stock Phoenix offers an iso with the Official release now: http://www.phoenixos.com/en/download_x86

    If you are looking for older versions, check my "Old" folder at Android File Host:

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