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  1. khos123

    khos123 New Member

    Hi everyone, Asking for help, I had a working 2.3 update on my phone, I decided to try install a mod, somehow I messed it up. I have the clockwork mod installed so am able to see zip such oxygen2.3.2-u8800.zip and others. if I try to install those it goes through those without error but then it loops in rebooting.... I tried to update again using U8800V100R001C00B518G001(Beta1.0)(Overseas Normal)(Gingerbread).zip, and that does not help at all. When I try update with U8800V100R001C00B518G001(Beta1.0)(Overseas Normal)(Gingerbread).zip it shows the update screen but the progressbar does not move at all. I have clear the various cashes using clockwork. Has anyone got advise fir me, I cannot get my phone working.... Thanks

  2. legolash

    legolash Member

  3. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    Hi khos123, Have you tried doing a Factory Reset to clear everything and start again?

    Take out the battery.
    Re-install battery (make sure sure battery is charged up)
    Hold Vol + and Power buttons simultaneously.
    Now you're in the Android Recovery screen
    Scroll down using the Vol - to wipe data/factory reset
    Select this with the Power Button
    Confirm wipe data
    Once it goes back to Android Recovery screen - select Re-boot
    Now it will boot up like the first time you received the phone as new.

    Hope this gets you working again. Neil.;)

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