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Update problem from 2.3.4 to 2.3.6General

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  1. niruabhi2008

    niruabhi2008 New Member

    Hey guyz.....i tried updating my ace from 2.3.4 which is my original firmware..to 2.3.6 through phone's software update. It downloaded an update of 14 MB..it asked for install.....and it rebooted.....FOTA update was on progress......100% completed.....but while rebooting again it went into CW recovery and i gave reboot system now.......after rebooting again.....it gave up showing update failed...
    1.my phone is rooted
    2.Installed clockwork recovery and made a backup
    3.Installed some root apps....
    Please clarify whats the problem..

  2. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    Did you ever read even one syllable about rooting??
    They won't work!! Rooting gives you administrative privileges which the official FW does not have. So you can't update through Kies or from the phone itself!!

    The only way to upgrade after rooting is via Odin. And that means you have to flash new firmware all over again. You will loose all your phone data.

    For now try to restore your bakup through CWM.

    Next time post in the ACE-All Things Root subsection since you are rooted already.
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  3. galaxyace152

    galaxyace152 Well-Known Member

    Actually you can get OTA updates after rooting. Just get back the stock recovery and then use OTA. But I recommend you to use Odin. It wont delete phone data(apps,contacts) if you are upgrading with a common csc, i.e, INU for India.

    But you will lose your root and CWM and other system tweaks. But you will be able to upgrade properly!
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  4. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    But its quite risky, you can't be sure that it'll work.
    Not recommended for new users
  5. niruabhi2008

    niruabhi2008 New Member

    Thanks fo clearing my doubts.........!!
  6. chrcol

    chrcol Well-Known Member

    you can also update via CWM if someone supplies a rom using a CWM install procedure.
  7. viruspool

    viruspool New Member

    Don't get too disheartened with all the confusing methods available. There is always an option to everything. I will tell you a method that will help you in updating your phone to 2.3.6. Just follow the following steps.

    Just take care of a few things first-
    1. You have to unroot your phone. Do a quick google search or use the attached file to unroot your phone. Insatall it using recovery mode.
    2. You have to remove CWM. Otherwise you will not be able to update your phone to the latest firmware.

    Now there is a method that will help everyone on removing the CWM permanently from your phone. I have tested it in my galaxy ace and it works 100%.

    1. Download CWM 5, but already you have it since you are trying to remove it.
    2. Download stock recovery image with the appropriate version for your phone.
    3. Open the stock recovery file with winrar or 7zip and look for the file recovery.img (say A)
    4. Copy it to your pc
    5. Now open the CWM zip with winrar or other tools, and delete the recovery.img file within the zip.
    6. Copy and paste the recovery.img (A) previously stored to your pc to the CWM zip.
    7. Reinstall the new custom CWM from your phone's recovery.
    8. Reboot and you can see that the CWM recovery is gone and the recovery is reverted to the original stock recovery.
    9. Unroot your phone and now you can avail all OTA updates.
    10. Update your phone now. Cheers.

    Final Step-
    If the CWM icon is still in your menu then root your phone again and delete the file in the path system/bin/CWMManager.apk; You can use super manager to delete it. Then unroot your again. Now you have got all your warranties back. If CWM is still showing then open the custom CWM.zip file using astro or super manager and open system/app/CWKManager.apk, there you will see an option to uninstall. Click it and CWM is finally gone. Now you can delete all CWM.zips from your SD card.

    There are lots of steps but if you follow it correctly it will permanently remove CWM from your system. So now you can install and uninstall CWM whenever you want. Have fun.

    Attached Files:

  8. Mickets

    Mickets Member


    I originally rooted using AceGingerRoot, and installed CWM via an update zip file through the original recovery (so no icon in the applications list).

    As like everyone else, the FOTA from 2.3.4 to 2.3.6 won't work.

    So I restored the stock recovery (via another zip update), and then un-rooted (via an unroot.zip - downloaded from another location but probably the same one). It definitely unrooted, and I checked the root/unroot scripts to see if the right files were being removed.

    So then I tried installing the FOTA, now unrooted and through stock recovery. But the same error occurs: "failed, error 800041-something".

    In the stock recovery there's an option to test the RedBend FOTA package manually. Testing it yelds the same error message.

    I though of resetting to Factory Settings (from within the Settings menu) and then trying again, but I fear I might just be wasting time.

    I have re-rooted now (so all my Link2SD applications etc work), but if un-rooting and resetting to factory may help, then I might try again later on.

    The other option is for me to learn how to use Odin and download the right firmware and flash it. But there's a learning curve there (I don't want to do it blindly and risk making a mistake), hence I'd rather get the FOTA working.

    What is your opinion on this?

  9. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    Use Odin, its actually quite easy to use, just select the ops file, the firmware and click on start, wait a few minutes and its done.
    You just need to get all the appropriate files before using it, only that takes time, otherwise its no big deal.
    All files available at sammobile.com

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