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Update rolling out

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  1. Empero6

    Empero6 Active Member

    You should be getting a firmware update message today, its the update for 2.3.6. Please post your experience with the new update,Like does it feel smoother than 2.3.4 and others.
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  2. ZeroSkillet

    ZeroSkillet Member

    Slowed my phone down to a crawl and now I have issues with phone freezing and such. I wish I could roll back to previous update :(
  3. downeaststudio

    downeaststudio Well-Known Member

    It actually improved the performance on my phone... Weird that it would have the opposite effect on someone else's phone...
  4. downeaststudio

    downeaststudio Well-Known Member

    Interesting to note that this update is not ice cream sandwich btw...

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