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Update samsung galaxy i550m (pc mobile) to froyoSupport

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  1. mikee286

    mikee286 Active Member

    Hi I'm new here and don't know exactly where to post this I looked for the samsung galaxy i5500 section couldn't find it so move this thread if necessary.

    Anyweay I have a samsung galaxy I5500m on pc mobile prepaid service in canada and I want to know if that would mess things up with the carrior and make it somehow not compatible with my carrior.

    Also I want to know how exactly how to do this update since in kies it says this device doesn't support updating via kies. Currently I am running android 2.1 eclair update 1

    I have seen tutorials on how to update via odin but I have an i5500m which I am not sure about and I don't want to brick this phone since I use it for work

  2. mikee286

    mikee286 Active Member

    Really no one knows? I have posted here, xda developers and a few other forums and all went un answered
  3. mel4

    mel4 Member

    The only answer I can give you, is that I'm searching for the same answer for around 2 years. Virgin (in my case) told me 2-3 times that they are not responsable for upgrading, it should be Samsung. But I never found an email on Samsung Canada website and never took the time to phone to them. If you do it, please give me feedback.
    I never saw anywhere a firmware specially for our phones. I saw a post of someone who tried to upgrade with something else, but it mess completly his phone and he can't phone/sms. I could find the original post if you want.
  4. mikee286

    mikee286 Active Member

    Would using an official firmware for the same phone but different country work? I can't find anything to do with the canadian version and froyo but there is a us version i could try flashing with odin but I don't know if anyone has tried it.

    My other idea

    Would cyanogenmod work? I know there are cyanogenmod builds for this phone but that seems to me like it would carry a higher risk of not working. But android 2.3 would kick butt on this phone.
  5. jack russell

    jack russell New Member

    Kind of late on this post. ..but hopefully this might bump it. Same issue for me also. PC Mobile here in Nova Scotia. I've had absolutely NO luck finding update for our models other than as you stated above the cyanogenmod with a great tutorial for flashing process. All I want is to be able to have voice dial feature ...even my old analog motorola Razor 3 could voice dial for crying out loud.

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