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Update screwed me ?

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  1. CrAzIHaZeR

    CrAzIHaZeR New Member

    DL09 2.1-update1, Im still a noob when coming to rooting but apparently I got updated lastnight and now my wifi tether doesn't work. It just says "Unable to start tethering. Is your device rooted?"

    I rooted a couple weeks ago and haven't had any problems till now.

    Been reading everything I can to try to figure it out for the past couple hours but Im not getting anywhere.

    Can anyone help me by explaining if I have to unroot and root again or..

    Thanks in advance..

  2. justinc101011

    justinc101011 Active Member

  3. CrAzIHaZeR

    CrAzIHaZeR New Member

    I was doing what the link was telling me and got to where you put the 2 files in the root of sd card and when I tried it said there wasnt enough space in my G: Drive...

    I plug in my phone to my pc and the files and folders pop up I click on it and try to drop them there but no luck =/
  4. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    your best bet is to push through one of the all in one odin files to clean everything out (you will loose data) and kill superuser....or you can try and unroot to remove superuser and then reroot with the new methods

    but just another reason not to take ota's when you are rooted ;)
  5. CrAzIHaZeR

    CrAzIHaZeR New Member

    anyway you can send me a link that I can follow to do that ?

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