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  1. meortman

    meortman Member

    I check on my current firmware version and it say 2.1-update 1. Where do I get this 2.2 I keep hearing about. Also, any suggestions on getting email to work correctly with go daddy as your server. I love this phone, but my company email is driving me CRAZY. I am now receiving all of them I think, but can't send at all. Please Help so I don't have to reactivate my Storm. THanks.

  2. Bob-o

    Bob-o Well-Known Member

    There isn't any 2.2 updates yet. We have to wait for the ota or root it and get the dj05 update. No froyo yet.
  3. Ecoclayton

    Ecoclayton New Member

    Call Godaddy. They can help. I also have a godaddy acct and email works fine on my fascinate.
  4. meortman

    meortman Member

    Ok. I will give go daddy a call. Thanks
  5. Lars

    Lars Well-Known Member

    Go daddy offers many email plans from Exchange to basic linux pop.

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