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Update: We are getting Jelly Bean!!!!!!!!!!!General

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  1. jericko

    jericko Well-Known Member

  2. Bellesa

    Bellesa Member

    Awesome, would be strange if the company who build the Nexus 7, didn't negotiate to bring the Jelly Bean to the TFs...
  3. akamad

    akamad Well-Known Member

    I'll remain skeptical till I hear from Asus themselves. The site doesn't provide any sources for their claims.
  4. pharscape

    pharscape Member

    Agreed, in fact they make no claims at all. They are just speculating to get eyeballs :smokingsomb:
  5. jericko

    jericko Well-Known Member

  6. Jasp

    Jasp Member

    Received Jelly Bean update today 8/19. Sooner then expected.
  7. Carpe Nocturnal

    Carpe Nocturnal Well-Known Member

    I was updated to 4.1.1 as well :) Nice

  8. barney_rebel

    barney_rebel Well-Known Member

    How do they determine who gets it, and who doesn't? Region?
  9. barney_rebel

    barney_rebel Well-Known Member

  10. sjenx13

    sjenx13 New Member

    I've got it...to be honest...not really all that impressed...I use my tablet mostly for listening to music, adobe touch apps and other art based applications...and I've noticed a TON of short hiccups even when just listening to music...and I've had quite a few system crashes/random reboots since I installed...thinking about going back to ice cream sandwich...actually....can i do that?
  11. barney_rebel

    barney_rebel Well-Known Member

    another update last night

    Another update JRO03C.WW_epad-
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  12. davea0288

    davea0288 New Member

    Everything updated properly... Still at Android Version 4.1.1

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