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[UPDATED! 12/01/2012 BETA 4] Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich by mikegapinski

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  1. poolegooner

    poolegooner Active Member

    i've just updated to beta 4 from the XDA site and ICS looks good! :D but having a problem viewing my files on my sd card thru Astro manager it says Directory is empty when i know full well it isn't! anyone got a clue how to get ICS to recognise my sd card? cheers! :confused:

  2. Delsus

    Delsus Well-Known Member

    Should work straight away, did you upgrade from swiftdroid? if so if you have a Titianium backup of swifdroid you can restore root explorer to your system/app directory (will use part of your system partition so make sure its big enough)
  3. bhemski6

    bhemski6 Member

    yes i repartition it to 150 system 234 data. what partition should i do ?
  4. poolegooner

    poolegooner Active Member

    No i didnt use Titanium back up i just backed up my swiftdroid rom with nandroid back up in recovery :( any other ideas Delsus? I've got a 16gb sd card with about 7gb free, i don't want to format and lose everythying!
  5. dudeman1996

    dudeman1996 Well-Known Member

    Well the system partition is around 180 MB, you don't want the system partition to be 190 MB cause people have had problems with that. Put the system partition to 200MB, that's what I've done and haven't had problems with it :)
  6. bhemski6

    bhemski6 Member

    dudeman thanks it works ,but it was so laggy. how can i back from custom rom to stock rom ? do i need also to repartition my system ?
  7. ilovefarts

    ilovefarts Well-Known Member

    Stupid question, but before I start a new thread I was wondering if this rom would work on my Optimus V. I know, this is in the Gt540 thread, but I'm new to all of this and I am just curious about flashing another rom. Right now I'm on cyanogenmod7 which has been awesome. Looking for other options. Thanks everyone.

  8. jernegern94

    jernegern94 Member

    when will it be fully released i can't wait to have it
  9. tazeeyore

    tazeeyore New Member

  10. gtFlue

    gtFlue Active Member

    You can't choose the much slower "free" download?

    On a side note.....The Zip file partition resizer. It's recommended to not set for less than 200mb, correct? Can this be used with other ROMS or just the ICS one? Link2SD is nice and all, but might be nice to boost up from 170mb to 200mb, no?
  11. tazeeyore

    tazeeyore New Member

    it can be used for all roms, and that's not the issue it says I am not allowed to download from this location as I've used up all my allotted data, despite the fact that I haven't :-/ and its been saying that for 2 days.
  12. Rooferkev

    Rooferkev Well-Known Member

    Is there a version that i can install via recovery on the way with this ROM?

    It all sounds a bit of a hassle at the min
  13. gtFlue

    gtFlue Active Member

    That blows....have you tried clearing your cookies/cache? Maybe access through a proxy? maybe use another connection or location, school, library, coffee shop?
  14. dr_ot

    dr_ot Member

    Installed beta 4. Looks great and is very sleek. Thanks to Mike.

    Set the system partition to 190 MB based on what I read on xda about beta 4 but am having the following issues:

    1. Bluetooth headset not working
    2. system is laggy - touchscreen not very responsive, take several taps to open apps but inconsistent
    3. UMS droid problem - pops on and off - difficulty charging phone

    Appreciate any advice to remedy my situation. Will try to increase system to 200MB and hope for the best.

  15. dudeman1996

    dudeman1996 Well-Known Member

    I'm aware that beta 4 is out, and I've got a bit of work to do atm. But as soon as I'm finished, I'll upload and update the first post. Lots has been fixed in beta 4! It'll definitely be uploaded by the end of tonight
  16. dudeman1996

    dudeman1996 Well-Known Member

    Try updating to beta 4. Should be okay
  17. dudeman1996

    dudeman1996 Well-Known Member

    Nah it won't work. Mainly because of CPU issues, the specs might seem the same; but they're not. Sorry! :)
  18. dudeman1996

    dudeman1996 Well-Known Member

    You do install it by recovery..?
  19. bhemski6

    bhemski6 Member

    dudeman how to apply beta 4 fix
  20. dudeman1996

    dudeman1996 Well-Known Member

    Download the zip, put it on your SD card, and flash it through recovery
  21. DanLikesPhones

    DanLikesPhones New Member

    1)I'm installing from 2.3.7 so I need to wipe my data right? Please tell me how to do this.
    2) Some people have mentioned "adb" and I was wondering what it was and how do I get it?
    3)Some people mentioned that I need to "partition" my phone to 200MB in order for it to not get stuck at boot. Please also explain exactly how I do this.

    Sorry if I seem like a total noob XD
  22. dudeman1996

    dudeman1996 Well-Known Member

    1) Yeah you do, back up your data, then boot into recovery and choose the wipe data option

    2) Adb stands for Android Debug Bridge, it's how your PC can communicate with your phone. You won't need it

    3) If you've never messed with the partitions on the phone, you don't need to do anything. Just install ICS and you'll be fine :)
    DanLikesPhones likes this.
  23. bhemski6

    bhemski6 Member

    yes but it says installation aborted.
  24. dudeman1996

    dudeman1996 Well-Known Member

    A more specific error please?
  25. poolegooner

    poolegooner Active Member

    I'm still having problems with ICS recognizing my sd card it says it's a blank or unsupported file type! i backed up my last rom with nandroid and may go back to it if i can't get this solved! my sd card isn't showing up on my laptop either when i plug in the usb cable. Eveything worked fine in swiftdroid 2.3.5. Please help i don't want to format the card got too much on it worth keeping!

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